Southwell Ploughing Match & Show

2022 show to be held at

Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire

Saturday 24th September 2022




The Plashing is kindly sponsored by
Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust & The Wilson Organisation
Leyfields Ltd are sponsoring appearance money of £15 per competitor

JUDGE: R Thompson Esq.
CHIEF STEWARD: R. Martin Esq. STEWARD: R. Sneath Esq.
Enquiries to the chief steward: 07768 868034

1. Competitors to meet at the ploughmens marquee at 8.30am. Time allowed to be agreed at the commencement.
2. Health and Safety Rules. Competitors will be responsible for their own safety. All chainsaw users must use appropriate safety equipment, failure to do so will result in disqualification from the competition.
3. Assistance only at the Stewards’ discretion.
4. All the brush to be put away as per the Stewards’ instructions.
5. Prize money will be presented with the cups and special prizes at 3.30pm in the plough field. Uncollected prize money will be forfeited.
6. No dead wood to be left in the hedge.

Each Competitor completing his work will receive a chit allowing them to claim a snack from a food outlet.

Entry Fee; £0

Open Plashing (Class 27) 1st £30; 2nd £25; 3rd £20; 4th £10
Novice Plashing (Class 28 & 29) 1st £30; 2nd £20; 3rd £15

27 OPEN PLASHING. Competitors to cut and lay the allocated stretch of hedge in the best manner, and to sharpen his own stakes. Stakes provided. Winner to receive ‘The Chris Wooley Trophy’
28 NOVICE PLASHING. As for Class 27, but for Competitors not having previously won more than one competition.
29 VETERAN PLASHING. As for Class 27, But competitors must be aged over 60 years old. If there is less than 3 in the class, classes 27 & 29 will be amalgamated.

THE PLASHING STEWARDS TANKARD is awarded for the Best Previous Years Growth in the Plashing Class 27.


The prize money for this class has been kindly sponsored by S. P. Rose
JUDGE: TBC  STEWARD: J. Broadberry Esq.

1. The Competition to commence at 8.30am.
2. Time allowed one and a half hours and tractors to be parked safely by the hedge when completed.
3. Each Competitor to cut a minimum of 3 chains of hedge.
4. Competitors to cut the allotted stretch of hedge in the best manner.
5. The hedge to be cut to the Stewards’ direction.
6. Presentation of Trophies in the ploughing field at 3.30pm. Uncollected prize money will be forfeited.

ENTRY FEE £8                PRIZE MONEY 1st £20; 2nd £15; 3rd £10