Southwell Ploughing Match & Show

2021 show to be held at

Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire

Saturday 25 September 2021

This year’s Show is a one-off.  It is different and we hope that it will appeal to former and new competitors.  We hope to celebrate everything that the countryside and our home-grown talents can produce.  Our exhibits have been planned to be big, bright and to encourage everyone to take part.  The tent will be open-fronted to give us lots of ventilation and the movement of visitors will be free-flowing.  We want everyone to feel safe.

2021 Horticultural & Home Craft Schedule is available here

Entry Form & Subscriptions

Please use the entry form for classes in this section which can be downloaded by clicking here: web Entry Form & Subscriptions

Please only use this form for entries in the Horticulture & Home Craft classes.

Scarecrow Gathering  

Sponsored by JH Walter

We really hope that this Scarecrow Gathering will be a fun and joyful reflection on what makes our community so special; we hope that it will attract lots of entries from children, families, social groups, fundraising teams as well as the businesses who are at the show.

Design and make a scarecrow and help us to build a community of scarecrows.

There are 3 classes:

Class 1:  Childrens Class (11-16 years of age): A scarecrow of your favourite Key Worker

Class 2:  Family/Group Class: A scarecrow of your choosing (witty, fun or poignant, but never rude)

Class 3:  Business Class: A scarecrow to promote your business (please don’t leave leaflets or anything that could fly away in a breeze)

A prize of £25 awarded to the best scarecrow in each class.  Each scarecrow entry will be allocated a 6’ post in this special competition.  If you have special requirements for space around the post, please let us know on the entry form.

Entry fee and why are we charging a deposit?

There is no entry fee for the scarecrow classes.  However, providing a space and post for a scarecrow costs money – we’re happy to sponsor this but we don’t want to leave space for shy scarecrows who decide not to turn up on the day of the Show.  We will pay the £10 back when your scarecrow is in place and ready for judging.  We have a Scarecrow Secretary who will be on hand to pay you back.

How to enter your Scarecrow into the Gathering:

Please complete the entry form and send it to Mrs A. M. B. Crabb at the Show Office, Oak Field House, Chapel Lane, Epperstone, NG14 6AQ along with a £10 deposit.  The deposit will be refunded to you when you have set up your scarecrow at the Show in the designated place.  Entries should be received no later than 5pm on Friday 10 September.  We reserve the right to limit the number of entries so please return your form as soon as you can.

What to expect when your Scarecrow arrives at the Show site in Farnsfield:

You will be directed to a special car park, signposted ‘Horticultural & Domestic Produce’, and you will need to transport your scarecrow to join the crowd (it won’t be far, but you should think about how to move it from the car to the marquee).

Your exhibit should be ready for judging no later than 10 am.  Once judging has begun, the area will be cleared and no further fettling or tweaking will be allowed and you will be asked to leave the area so that judging can take place.

Your scarecrow will have a post, approx 6′ high, to which you should secure your exhibit.  Please think about how you can do this without causing injury to your new stuffed companion.  You don’t have to use the post if you don’t wish to but please do make sure that your scarecrow is secure and not at risk of falling over.

After judging, the area will be open to the general public – we cannot take responsibility for any belongings or valuables attached to your scarecrow.

Scarecrows can return home with you from 4pm onwards.  Uncollected scarecrows will be disposed of if not collected by 6pm on the day of the Show.  Harsh? Possibly, but that’s show business!

What if your scarecrow wins?

If you have a ‘First’ card attached to your exhibit when judging is complete, we will award you £25, if you have a ‘Reserve’ card, we’re awarding you £5 – your winnings should be collected from the Scarecrow Secretary at 4pm.  Prize money must be collected on the day or it will be donated to the Show Society.

Our Marquee

Our marquee is a celebration of home-produced horticulture, food and crafts.  We are always delighted to welcome new competitors and there are few things to keep in mind before you begin:


Previous Schedules

The last full Show was in 2019, if you would like to view the traditional Horticultural & Domestic Produce Schedule, please click here


Photograph Gallery from previous shows


Entries for the Domestic & Horticultural Classes close two weeks before Show Day. Late entries cannot be accepted under any circumstances. Please refer to the Rules of Entry in the Schedule for further details.