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Dog Show

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11am - Entries open

Class 1- 11.30 am

Best Pedigree dog any breed

Class 2- 12.00 noon
Best Pedigree Bitch any breed

Class 3- 12.30 pm
Non Pedigree Dog or Bitch any breed

Class 4- 1.00 pm
Pedigree Puppy 6-12 Months

Class 5- 1.30 pm
Non Pedigree Puppy 6-12 Months

Class 6- 2.00 pm
Best Veteran over 8 year

Class 7- 2.30 pm
Prettiest lady

Class 8- 3.00 pm
Handsome fella

Class 9- 3.30 pm
Best Rescue

Class 10- 4.00 pm
Best Child Handler 8 years & under

Class 11- 4.30 pm
Child handler (child 9-14 years old)

Class 12
Best in show first 2 from each class


All times subject to change.

Rosettes 1st-4th

Drone to Home provide a professional, dedicated service to all dog owners.  We provide powerful thermal drones, a tracker dog, hundreds of volunteers, knowledge and a vast amount of experience.

Drone to Home is the first dedicated dog search charity in the UK.

We don't judge.  We just reunite your dogs.

Charity Registration No: 1198796

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