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Horse Ploughing

Before the Industrial Revolution most machines on the farm were pulled by teams of horses.  It was always said a man with two horses could plough one acre a day.


Our horse teams demonstrate how much preparation and hardwork it is to plough with a team of horses.  This is always a wonderful spectacle and not to be missed at the show.

All the competitors assemble in the field at 9am, ready to begin ploughing at 9.30am.  There are lots of rules, but all ploughing must be concluded by 1.30pm.

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Horse Ploughing

Sam Tooley
Tel: 07748 468585


Competition Entries

Postal and Online Entries are now available

"Four generations of our family from great grandad at 92 to the youngest at 5 had a great time -something for every member of the family thank you." J.Alberry

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