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Nottinghamshire Young Farmer Lawnmowers Will Race at this Year’s Show!

We’re delighted to announce Nottinghamshire Young Farmers Clubs will be coming together in the Main Ring at this year’s show to put on a fantastic competitive display of Lawnmower Racing! A genuine competitive sport now in it’s 50th year, Lawnmower racing isn’t new to the countryside landscape but it’s becoming ever more exciting and competitive as new machinery and technology comes in to the industry.

Members from each Young Farmers Club around Nottinghamshire (Brackenhurst, Collingham, Cropwell, Lowdham, Papplewick, Tuxford and Worksop) get together throughout the year to build and work on mowers, which were once ride-on grass cutting implements, and modify them in to grass track racing machines!

The mowers will be on display at the Young Farmers trade stand throughout the afternoon on show day for the public to see and sit on them, following their big race in the main ring at lunchtime. Each club mower (appropriately decorated in club colours and branding) will enter the ring and take part in a series of relay challenges against their very competitive fellow clubs and team mates.

Spectators are encouraged to chant and support their local clubs as they battle for a spot on the podium to secure the winning title and take home the Notts YFC Lawnmower Racing league trophy!

More details and the show day main ring timetable will be released in August ahead of this years show at South Muskham, Saturday 30th September 2023.


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